Home Automation

Imagine walking into your home after work and having the lights, heat or air conditioning, or TV turn on to your favorite channel, or receiving a picture on your cell phone while you are away from home, that your child is home safe. Home automation and systems integration is one of the most popular features being built into homes in today’s world.

Pro1 services has the best brands in home automation, allowing us to design systems with the ability to serve you in:

  • Automated temperature controls
  • Automated lighting
  • Integrating security settings
  • Setting up a home theatre
  • Installing home audio
  • Remotely managing security / climate controls

If you’re building or renovating, now is the best time to install a home automation system. Pro1 Services free in-home consultation helps you to understand modern technology, allowing you to be part of one of the fastest growing trends in home construction and renovations.