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Don’t settle for the rest when you get the best with Pro1. We offer only the best products and superior service for residential or commercial installations. We know our jobs inside out and know that the fine details, like electrical wiring, must be perfect, or it won’t work right. Since 2002, we have offered, with pride, our unmatched ability to bridge the gap from initial concept to a finished commercial, residential security project or working on electrical and automation services.

Pro1 offers:

  • Professional consultations and assessment pre-installation.
  • The status of being an accredited and licensed electrical Saskatchewan contractor.
  • The services of highly qualified Journeyman electricians.
  • The rare presence of a low voltage Journeyman specialist. Most low voltage electricians do not achieve Journeyman status.
  • Residential and commercial services.
  • Commercial, residential and manufacturing maintenance services.
  • Equipment and appliance wiring for business and home.
  • Residential and commercial rewiring services.
  • Residential jobs that requires pre or post wiring for 120AC and 240AC voltage.
  • Extra low voltage lighting (under 48Volts AC).
  • Construction trade wiring.
  • Residential remodel and renovations wiring.
  • Panel upgrades.
  • Single and 3-phase wiring services.
  • Testing and upgrading emergency power systems (generators and battery).
  • Commission and decommission electrical systems and equipment.
  • Installation and servicing of main electrical service panels and sub-panels.
  • Install service entrance and distribution equipment.
  • Speaker wiring.
  • Cable wiring.

Electrical Electrical

  • Home theatre wiring.
  • Hot tub and spa wiring.
  • Ceiling fan wiring and installation.
  • Smoke detector installation.
  • CO2 detector installation.
  • Circuit breaker installation.
  • Electrical outlets for wet, dry and hazardous environments.
  • Exterior lighting for home or business.
  • Interior lighting for home or business.
  • Fluorescent sunshine ceilings for business and home.
  • Back up security and emergency lighting.
  • Landscape lighting.
  • Commercial wiring.
  • Commercial Single-phase and 3-phase circuits.
  • Commercial remodel and renovations wiring.
  • Commercial CAT 5 wiring.
  • Commercial phone wiring.
  • Commercial Ethernet wiring.
  • Commercial cable wiring.
  • Commercial low voltage wiring.
  • Commercial aluminium wire retrofitting.
  • Commercial sub-panel installation.
  • Commercial ceiling fan wiring and installation.
  • Commercial smoke detector installation.
  • Commercial electrical outlet installation.
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